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Hyden is a branding & marketing agency located in Barrie, Ontario. We help businesses build modern websites that last by focusing on storytelling, positioning, & messaging.

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Whether you’re looking for promotional materials, marketing campaigns, or simply looking to rebrand, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

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Check out the video below of Suniela Beach’s new website. Their portable cabanas all have one thing in common, visually they’re half circles. Their shape is very distinguishable and helps them stand out. To create a visual identity that matched this, we made the majority of the site incorporate similar arches. In fact, all the angles used come straight from their logo.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Graphic Design
Pairing local talent with outside talent to create truly unique events.
Jeri Roberts, RMT
Web Design
Specialized therapeutic massage for relief of head, neck and jaw pain.
Straightline Construction
Web Design
The shortest distance between start and finish.
Midland Food Tours
Web Design
One of the best culinary tours in the heart of Georgian Bay.
Mr. Valisier
Web Design
Let your belongings travel in style.
Bee By The Sea
Web Design
Bestselling body cream made with sea buckthorn and honey.


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