About us

Businesses small and large choose us when facing marketing challenges.

Our purpose

Do you feel like your marketing efforts are not where you want them to be? Or perhaps your brand messaging is inconsistent? Are you missing out on potential revenue that consistent marketing could provide? 

Hyden was founded in 2019 to assist the City of Barrie in their initiative to help local business with these issues. Since then, Hyden has expanded from a single web designer into a team of absolute rock stars. As our clients tell us, “we solve their marketing problems.”

Core values

Just like our competitors, we focus on results. However, the way we go about achieving our results is a little different. We follow an unwavering set of rules that help guide our decision-making and goal setting efforts.

Dream Big.
Drive Change.
Have Fun.

Dreaming big pushes us to try bold ideas, always. Driving change gives us a sense of purpose. Having fun allows us to be more creative. 

Who we're looking for

Are you looking to find unique and novel ways to advertise? Do you want to advertise on traditional mediums? Do you want to advertise on new platforms? Do you want a team of specialists from graphic design to campaign managers?

We specialize in working with companies that have a growth mindset. Our marketing strategies are unorthodox. Being normal is boring, by thinking outside the box we help our clients stand out above the crowd and achieve real results.

If you’re looking for an agency that works with you, and you want to enjoy the process while also growing your brand, then contact us and let’s put a plan together!

The problem is not the quantity of content, it's the quality.