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After working in the the big city, we felt like small towns didn’t get enough attention. We wanted to change that. Now, Hyden is here to help businesses located in Canada’s small towns! By providing these companies with the quality expected in the big city, we enable you to be competitive in the ever-expanding digital world.

We’ve spent a lot of time learning about businesses like yours.


Hyden was founded at the end of 2019 to help businesses in small towns succeed. We were quickly contracted by the City of Barrie to assist in their initiative to do just that. We met with hundreds of business owners all over Simcoe County and really learned what problems they faced.


By learning the issues that plagued local businesses, we developed, and continue to refine, a strategy that allows us to focus on what these businesses need most. A strong digital presence, engaging advertising, a utilized email list, and a fantastic website.


The Process

Stay Calm.

Digital marketing and web design can seem like daunting tasks. But when you’ve got a process in place, it becomes as easy as 1-2-3. At our core, we follow a very defined list of operations to ensure the timely creation of deliverables. We plan ahead. For your digital marketing needs, we work with you to develop content an entire month in advance.


We are goal oriented.

Why do something unless it’s for a reason. We make sure that before we start a project, we have a clear and definable goal. By working with you, we can determine what we should strive for. This principle is a key to who we are.

From seminars to consulting, to web design and logos, our client list continues to grow.


We’re teachers and doers.

Helping others learn key skills is important to us. It means that we can then, by extension, help even more small business owners get their digital presence up to snuff.

On YouTube, we teach intrepid designers and programmers how to design the next generation of websites. We’ve even reached over 10,000 subscribers on the platform!

Primary Services

The digital trifecta


Website love

We focus on developing highly interactive websites for our clients. From template websites, to fully custom websites, and everything in between. Clients come in all sizes; so do our offerings to match. Our process remains the same. We start with a questionnaire and an initial client meeting. From there, we start to design the site, while showing you the in-progress designs. Once you approve the designs, we code the site. Lastly, we put it online. 🎉


Email Marketing

Part of the digital trifecta is email marketing. Email is by far the most effective way to reach your audience, much greater than any social platform. Moreover, you own your email lists, unlike your Facebook or Instagram accounts. We take a very different approach to email marketing, with a focus on being extremely personal. The more of a 1-on-1 an email feels, the higher the engagement.


Digital Marketing

The final part of the digital trifecta is digital marketing. This includes creating organic and paid ads on different social platforms. But you can’t just make an ad and see what sticks. Instead, it takes planning, a clearly defined goal, and the right instincts to determine what part of your sales funnel to focus on. If digital marketing is what you are looking for, drop us a line.

Looking to get in touch? Reach out to dustin@hyden.ca