About us

(Behind The Scenes)

Our creativity and results are not magic. They're reached from a love for what we do.


Hyden was founded in 2019 to assist the City of Barrie in their initiative to help local business owners get online. Since then, Hyden has expanded from a single web designer into a team of absolute rockstars.

Core values

Everything we create is done so by following 3 principles. An unwavering set that guides our decision making and goal setting efforts.

Dream Big.
Drive Change.
Have Fun.

Who we're looking for.

We have a hunger for finding unique and novel ways to advertise for our clients, while also finding new outlets to put those advertisements.

We specialize in working with eCommerce brands with AOVs above $100, with a proven product-market fit, and monthly revenues of $25k+ and companies that have a growth mindset.

If you’re looking for an agency that works with you, and you want to enjoy the process, while also growing your brand, then we’re the right fit for you.

"The problem is not the quantity of content, it's the quality of content."

We focus on quality over quantity, every time.