Digital Marketing

Are you looking to increase awareness of your brand? Or perhaps you want to generate leads? Or maybe you’re looking to increase sales? Perhaps you want automated emails to capture leads? Hyden is a full service marketing agency. We create campaigns of all sizes, from a singular medium to cross-channel advertising.


When would someone want an awareness campaign?

Imagine there’s a group of people in a room. Each person has a different level of knowledge about your brand. How do you advertise to them, when some haven’t even heard of you? It’s this dilemma that has created what advertisers like to call the sales funnel. At the top are the majority of people who haven’t heard of you, and at the bottom of the funnel are your brand ambassadors. When you choose to advertise with us, we will help you identify your sales funnel.

We’ve developed strategies to help us focus on different groups within your sales funnel. Typically, this can be broken down into three categories: Awareness, Leads, Sales. You can be much more direct with people who love your brand and are ready to buy, than you can with someone who just learned about you and might find the first approach too pushy.

Platforms we utilize

Below is a list of the different platforms we focus on for most campaigns, however some clients have unique needs beyond these platforms.






Email in 2023?

Our process

Hyden will work with you to develop a content calendar. An outline that covers what content needs to be created, for when, and for which platforms.


Discovery session


Determine campaign goals




Build out


Launch & Optimize

Continual improvement