Video continues to play an increasingly important role in our society. We consume more video today than ever before. Are you effectively providing video content to your customers? Are you missing out on this entirely? Are you looking to bring motion to your website or event? Do you want to tell your business’s story? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help.


We have the unique ability to not only create video content, but use our marketing knowledge to help create videos that convert.


We will work with you to develop a content calendar for all of your video content. We suggest doing this on a quarterly basis, with monthly revisions. Creating a content calendar helps us determine how long each video should be ahead of time, the objectives of the video, and which socials/channels the video should be optimized for. Every video varies in length, and as such some months may have more or less videos than others.

We offer two different plans on an ongoing basis.

Starter Plan

We offer a starter package for those just starting out with videography. This package includes:

1 half-day of shooting

1-4 videos per month

Video editing


Growth Plan

The ultimate goal is to have video production become a central tenet of your brand. Video content sees the highest level of engagement. A picture tells a thousand words, a video… well you get the point 😉 Our growth plan includes the following:

2 half-days of shooting

2-8 videos per month

Video editing


Unsure which plan is best for your needs?

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