Beautiful setting, amazing coffee, great food ☕


Bohemia Barrie is a very well known coffee shop situated at the heart of Barrie’s downtown. Their interior is as unique as it gets, and without a doubt one of the nicest gems in the city. From the gorgeous tree branch railing, to the black and white checkerboard tiles, Bohemia has created a very unique aesthetic that just makes you want to stay longer and longer.


When the Digital Main Street program began, one of our initial clients that we worked with was Bohemia Barrie. Bohemia was plagued with a website with several broken links, pages that did not load, and a platform to edit content that was not user-friendly.

Bohemia was also looking for an option to sell their product offering online and allow customers to come in and pick up their orders directly. This forward-thinking mentality immediately sold us on helping out.


Choosing the right platform for the client.

We decided to build our strategy around finding a user friendly platform that Bohemia would enjoy using. One that they would look forward to going in and updating content on. If this was meant to become an integral part of their business, this needed to be our top priority.

As with most coffee shops, taking photos of the coffees, posting them on social media, and commenting on social media is extremely important. This also meant we wanted to find a platform that had a really good admin interface for mobile devices.

Ultimately, we settled on using Squarespace, and this is our journey.


Getting a sense of the Bohemia lifestyle.

When the project started, the pandemic had not hit yet. This meant we were fortunate enough that we could meet in person as frequently as we wanted! This allowed us to sit down with their entire team, and discuss their strategies. We quickly got a sense of what they were looking for: an easy to use, ecommerce platform that they could use on their phones. Being able to show the design in person also meant we could make changes on the spot.


Having a website is half the battle.

Whenever we make a website for a client, we make sure that they understand exactly how the features work and how the platform works. Whether this is through personalized video tutorials, phone calls, or in-person meetings, we want to make sure the client can take the wheel. Otherwise, the website quickly goes stagnant. Content doesn’t get updated frequently, and it spells disaster.

We sat down with Bohemia and went through how to upload product photos to the gallery, where to get the Squarespace app, and how to use it.


A portion of the contact page, illustrating clearly where Bohemia is located along with a multitude of contact options.


Result #1

The obvious outcome: a new website!

The result of all of our meeting and strategy sessions led to the successful implementation of their new website. We helped with the domain transfer, and ensured everything was running smoothly.

Result #2

Bohemia now has tools they enjoy using.

Being able to add photos as easily as they can add photos to Instagram is a huge success. Moreover, Bohemia has since modified the site to add more content! They’ve continually added to their product offering, and maintain the site all on their own. We like to call this a big win.

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