A clinic that feels like a spa 💆‍♀️

Create an inviting and warm atmosphere

Our goal with On The Mend Therapy was to create a more relaxing experience. This meant switching to calmer earth tones, and guiding the viewer throughout the website. Originally, the client used orange as a call to action colour. However, orange is often associated with junk mail. Therefore, we switched this out for tan and maroon.

The main menu was designed specifically to focus on the key concerns a viewer might have. From questions (FAQ), to Covid-19, to everything in-between. The end result is a very friendly, and inviting, unisex experience.

Fonts play a huge role when establishing a mood. We utilized two fonts in the call to action to create excitement while also calming the viewer with the pastel colours, and transparent background.


On The Mend uses a booking system separate from their own website. However, including their services on the website meant a potential SEO boost. Therefore, our solution was to create a very minimal grid layout of the services they provide where each item leads to their booking platform.


On The Mend needed a way to easily answer their frequently asked questions. Rather than follow the trend of making boring plain text pages, we took this as an opportunity to grow On The Mend’s brand value. By applying their branding to the FAQ, adding areas of user interactions, and turned a boring page into a visually appealing experience we have been able to create an entire experience that feels more complete and professional.


Shh, don’t tell anyone but all of the photos used for this project were royalty free photos. Thus ending the debate of whether or not it’s possible to create a beautiful website with just royalty free images. If you don’t have photos to use for the site, don’t worry about it! We’re more than happy to take the time to find the perfect photos to match your brand.

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