Portable shade cabanas 🏖

Rounded edges everywhere

Suniela’s portable cabanas all have one thing in common, they are half circles. Their shape is very distinguishable and helps them stand out. To create a visual identity that matched this, we made the majority of the site incorporate these arches. In fact, all the angles used come straight from their logo, this helped to make the site match the rest of Suniela’s incredible branding.

Colour without the palm trees

Suniela stressed the importance of creating a colorful and vibrant website that stayed away from palm tree clip art. Most competitors immediately use palm trees as a part of branding, as it’s “easy” to do. Instead, we focused on more abstract shapes, that match the arch of the product.

When it came to removing straight lines, we took it one step further and even changed the primary call to action.

Quick view

Suniela products come in a wide assortment of colour variations. We wanted to illustrate this by allowing the user to hover over the different colours before viewing the full product, so that they can see ahead of time what colours Suniela has to offer.

Simple dropdowns.

Suniela products require a lot of information to explain the benefits and differentiating factors. To help make this easier, we implemented a very minimal dropdown system to sort the more generic information.

Final thoughts

Even more

Suniela can now customize each product page to be entirely unique, with an endless amount of customization options, but that doesn’t even begin to cover all the unique features we packed in this project. If you like what you see and you want us to help with your next website let us know and we can discuss even more of the features we built into this project.

Could you be next?

Suniela gave us the freedom to implement a slew of new features. The end result is pure gorgeousness that our short video snippets don’t do it justice. If you want your business to have a website that stands out, let us know! We would love to see how we can help.

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